AdMonks is the easiest App for Dynamic Product Ads Automation out there.
It lets you take your remarketing to the next level 🚀with some exclusive features, unavailable anywhere else.

But before you install the app and watch the magic happen, make sure you get all things done according to our checklist👇

✅ Make sure your online store is on Shopify - our Monks are working on a worldwide expansion and integration with various e-commerce platforms, but for now, they’re available through Shopify;

✅ If you’re just starting with your store, make sure your products are listed, tagged and catalogued according to Shopify terms of service. The first thing AdMonks will do is transferring your product catalog to Facebook.

 ✅ As a part of the e-commerce community using Facebook as a marketing tool, make sure you’re aware of Facebook’s Advertising Policy, that sets rules you have to stick to while advertising your products. Most of the people don’t do that, but as AdMonks - masters in empathy - we strongly advise you to study it so that you’re aware of what kind of content you’re allowed to promote via Facebook. 

 ✅ You should also check out Facebook’s Community Standards for the same reasons.

✅ Make sure your Facebook Page is relevant to your store. Remember that Facebook Page is something different than Facebook Profile or Facebook Group. 

✅ If you don’t have a working Business Manager - no worries, AdMonks can follow you up during the set up process. 

✅ Check if your products’ photos are ad ready and relevant to your products, contain less than 20% text and no Before&After images or explicit body images;

Remember that we’re AdMonks, masters of empathy. That works with targeting your clients, but it works for you, too! Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or doubts.

Done with the checklist? Now it's time to install the app! 👇

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