Now that you've installed The Easiest App for Dynamic Product Ads Automation, it's time to get to business 😉 and get your Return On Ad Spend ( ROAS) as high as possible!

To create your first campaign, just click the button on the Dashboard:

▶ It’s time to name your campaign😃! You do that in the 👉 "Click to Name This Dynamic Product Ad" 👈section. You can get creative, but remember to choose a title that is relevant to your campaign:

▶ What you see on the ☝ right is the Dynamic Product Ad’s preview.
Keep in mind that each viewer will see different products, depending on what he/she was interested in at your store. Smart, isn’t it? 😎

▶You are welcome to edit the text of the ad in the 👉"Edit Your Ad Text"👈 section  - make it short and catchy and relevant to your products!

▶ The menu on the ☝ left is where you edit the settings of your ad.

With just a few clicks you set up:

  • the beginning and the end of your campaign;

  • the preferred audience type;

  • the daily budget.

▶ The AdMonks Exclusive sections are our favourite 😍 👇

  • They let you Exclude Bouncing or Accidental Visitors from your audience, so that you don’t burn 🔥 money;

  • You can keep the Ad Frequency just right, so that your viewers don’t get spammed with your ads;

  • Keep track of your Return On Ad Spent (ROAS) - with this feature we will let you know if it’s all going according to you plans;

  • You don’t have to worry that AdMonks advertises product you just ran out of - we keep a Daily Update of Your Product Catalog automatically. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Stay flexible with our easy Daily Budget Fixer Feature! You can easily set your budget any time.

Hope the article was helpful and you're ready to Create New Campaign!

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And keep in mind that we're looking forward to your feedback - let us know via chat or email, you'll make AdMonks very happy monks! ❤

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