While you’re busy taking care of your business, AdMonks are doing the Facebook heavy lifting. You’re welcome to pay them a visit anytime and check how your campaigns are doing 😉

▶ After you click the 👉“SEE RUNNING CAMPAIGNS” 👈button on your dashboard you see how you’re doing so far:

▶ You can set up your view by choosing want you want to see first: 

  • your best performing ROAS campaigns;
  • the campaigns that made you earn most;
  • the campaigns you spent on most so far.

This way you get the overview of your campaigns’ performance just the way you like it! 😃

▶ You can also view your inactive campaigns in this section to see how they were performing in comparison to your current ones.

Hope the article was helpful! Let us know if you think it's missing something important. 

Happy advertising from AdMonks team! 

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