AdMonks was always all about 🙌 empathy - before we launched the app, we made sure that it fits customers' needs. We had some experience with e-commerce and we knew just how essential remarketing was.

That's how AdMonks came to life!

Soon we realised that NO OTHER APP available on Shopify can do what our Monks can do😎. There are many great tools for marketing automation, but only AdMonks have developed true 🤜KUNG FU🤛 in terms of remarketing features.

When using the app, you can find our ⭐EXCLUSIVES⭐ in your 'CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN' section. Keep in mind that in order to release the superpowers within the app, you need to switch 👉the AUTOPILOT button ON:

With the AUTOPILOT ON you can edit the ⭐EXCLUSIVE⭐ features using dropdowns:

What's so special about the ⭐EXCLUSIVES⭐?
These awesome features let you:

  • automatically exclude bouncing visitors and save your money on remarketing; due to 20%-40% bounce rate in e-Comm you must exclude accidental visitors right away;

  • keep the ad frequency level just right, so you’re not suffering from the banner blindness of your customers;

  • update your stock every day so you don’t need to worry you’re advertising products you’ve just run out of;

  • bring you FREE conversions, not just likes and comments. The Product Catalog lets you tag items in your Fb posts, leading directly to conversions;

  • send you Messenger notification when your ROAS is below expected.

So, are you ready to release the 🤜KUNG FU🤛 in your store? 😉

Let us know if you have any questions or opinions, we'd 🖤some feedback!

Happy advertising!
AdMonks Team

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