Running an online store means you need to be a tough cookie!🍪😉
It's not easy to cope with the sad statistics behind bounce rate or cart abandonment, is it?

You're not alone in your struggle! All e-commerce folks face the same numbers, as the average bounce rate is around 40%. That means that 40% of your site visitors leave your store and don't perform any action 😓, such as adding to cart, buying, clicking, sharing on social media or having any kind of interaction with your products.

The bounce rate varies within different industries, but it's always frustrating.
It may be caused by many factors, such as load time, design or bad copywriting.

But the WORST thing is that it makes remarketing super RISKY!
You can easily 🔥BURN YOUR MONEY🔥, targeting your ads to the wrong audiences.

Don't worry, one of AdMonks superpower ⭐EXCLUSIVE FEATURES⭐ lets you exclude accidental visitors with just a slide!
Take a look:

With this 👆 easy slider bar, you can set up your Pixel delay just the way you want it!
In simple words: you can exclude bouncing visitors once and for all and focus your attention on the actual customers. Cool, isn't it?

We automatically set the slider at 10 seconds, but feel free to change it!
A special tip from AdMonks 👉before you set up the exact time on the slide bar, look into your store's Google Analytics and check your bounce rate stats:

This way you get the exact picture of your store's bounce rate and you can manually set up the perfect time frame.

Good luck 🤞and let us know if you have any further questions, we're here to help you out!

Remember, we always 🖤some feedback!

Happy advertising,
AdMonks Team

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