Ok, so you've installed the app 👌and you're eager to try it out, but you can't see the right Facebook page listed in AdMonks onboarding session. 

What's next?

With this easy tutorial you'll get to know how to connect the right Facebook Page! Start with this ✅CHECKLIST✅ to ensure you got it all right from the very beginning:

▶ Check if you're logged into the right Facebook account - the one that your Facebook page is associated with;

▶ Make sure if your role on the selected Facebook Page is: Administrator.

  • It's essential, AdMonks won't continue with the set up if you're not 😕.If you're not sure, check what your role is; You can also ask the Administrator to give you the role. If that's not possible, the actual Administrator will have to continue with the AdMonks set up.

  • You'll also need to check your role on your Business Manager.
    If the Facebook Page you're planning to connect to AdMonks has already been claimed by a Facebook Business Manager that you're not the Administrator of, you can ask the actual Administrator for that role.

▶ Your Facebook Page that you’re trying to connect with Admonks is not connected to any Business Manager account?

No worries, you have 2 options:

  • You can either claim the access with your own Business Manager Account ( that you use for other pages and stuff);

  • You can create a brand new Business Manager account. You'll need it if you're serious about running ads😉

▶ Ok, but what if you have no possibility to gain access to the Page you’re trying to connect to AdMonks? 

Well, seems like it’s time to create a brand new one 😉
Take a while to do it right, so that your online presence is coherent.

Once you made sure to follow the tips in the checklist, it should all work fine. Refresh to see your Page listed in AdMonks set up dashboard.

Feel free to let us know if you have any issues, we’ll do our best to help you out! 

Happy advertising! 😀
AdMonks Team`

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