Growing your business is like:

Let's focus on just one of the many decisions you have to take! 😁

Ok, suppose you have a product in your Product Catalogue that you don't want to put in your AdMonks DPA campaigns. It's not that you ran out of it (as the OUT OF STOCK items are excluded automatically), but you've got your reasons to do so. 😉

As the 🔮magic🔮 of DPA is in its automation ( each viewer can see different products, depending on what one was interested in at your store. Smart, isn’t it? 😎) you don't have to create the ad manually. But you can decide which products to exclude from YOUR DPA with this simple trick:

  • got to your Shopify account;

  • go to your ▶PRODUCTS in the menu bar on the left;

  • select the product you want to exclude from your product catalogue;

  • add this ▶ TAG:

  • you’re done! 👏

Easy, isn't it?
This way you let AdMonks know you don't want to put the particular item in a DPA campaign.

Good luck with your decisions and happy advertising!

Kasia from AdMonks Team

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