Facebook and Instagram is constantly growing in terms of e-commerce revenue. According to some previews, the number of businesses that use Instagram for marketing in 2018 will be twice as much as in 2016! What's more, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and 60% claim they discovered new product through the platform.

▶Why is it essential to tag your products on Facebook and Instagram? 

✅People like it simple: the less clicks, the better. With shoppable posts, there's no need to look for a link to your product's page. It's as simple as: see👁it, like❤it, tap👆it, buy🛒it!
✅Each tagged products appears with its price.
✅On Facebook, all the tagged products are displayed in a mini-carousel view beneath the video/photo;
✅On Instagram, after you tap the tagged product, you get a fullscreen view with a price and description, and a CTA button, leading you to the store.

It all makes this customer journey much more attractive then before, boosting reach and engagement. We even ran a little test to prove it, you can see the results for yourself at our blog (link do posta)

▶How do you make your posts shoppable?

✅First, you need to tag your products.
✅To tag your products, you need to connect your Shopify product catalog with your Facebook Business Manager.
That's when AdMonks come to the rescue
😉The app connects the two! Apart from uploading all your products, we update your catalog on a daily basis. 

✅Tagging products is just as easy as tagging people in your posts! See how easy with this step-by-step totorial, divided by platform:


After you connect your store with AdMonks and download your product catalog to your Business Manager, you can tag up to 30 products in your Page posts. Just follow these steps:

✅Create a new post (via Business Manager) and after you upload an image/video, just 👉click the "Tag Products" icon;
✅After the "Products" dropdown appears, just choose and 👉tap the selected product or type in its ID number:

✅Click "Done Tagging" and your're done!

You can always take a step back and tag your previous posts - just edit the post and choose 👉"Tag Products".


Before you start, make sure your Instagram business account is approved for shopping and that this feature is available in your current location.

If you're good to go and your account was positively reviewed by Instagram, you can start tagging:

✅Upload your photo, apply the magic Insta sauce (filters and all) and edit caption;
✅Tap 👉the products you wish to tag;
✅Enter and choose the names and 👉tap the selected product you want to tag;
✅Click👉 "Done"
✅Click👉"Share" and your're done! Look how cool:

Remember you can add up to 5 tags per a single-image and 20 per a multi-post. Learn more here.

If you're using our product catalogue and you decide to delete AdMonks, you're also deleting the product catalog. That means all the associated tags you've created with AdMonks are removed from all the posts the products were tagged in.

Hope the article was helpful. You can always get back to us with some feedback or questions  - we're here to help you out.

Happy tagging!
Kasia form AdMonks Team.

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