With November its bloom/gloom, we're all getting ready for one of the hottest times in e-commerce: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To make the most of this remarkable peak in sales, you need to start planning your marketing strategy now.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered ;) We've launched a special #BFCM sales funnel that targets 3 crucial remarketing audiences:

✅ all the people who VISITED YOUR STORE within the last 180 days;
✅ all the people who ABANDONED A PRODUCT IN CART within the last 180 days;
✅ all the ones who BOUGHT SOMETHING at your store within the last 180 days.

The campaign starts November 20 and runs until November 28.

This way you're making the most of Facebook and Instagram ads - you're targeting the ones who are most likely to buy, showing them the products they are interested in! It's the best kind of marketing, especially in the #BFCM season. No shooting blanks and burning your ad money.

All you need to do to start this campaign is log into your AdMonks account:

We did our best to make it as simple and friendly as possible, so all you have to do to launch the funnel successfully is:

  • check if our predefined ad text is OK  - you’re always welcome to edit it according to your brand’s philosophy. To edit, just 👉🏻click on the text.
  • type in your discount;
  • set the appropriate PROMO CODE at your Shopify store account;
  • set your budget for the campaign;
  • click 👉🏻LAUNCH!

And that's it! Easy, isn't it? If you have any questions on the way, just let us know via chat, we'll do our best to help you out.
Are you ready to start your campaign?

*Please keep in mind that in order to deliver your ads effectively and avoid overlapping, it is good to pause all your current Admonks campaigns until the 28th.

*To make your ads even more appealing and avoid ad fatigue, each audience group will see the dynamic product ad displayed as a single image, a carousel and a looping video ad. 

Wishing you all a great Black Friday and a happy Cyber Monday!
AdMonks Team

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