One of the issues our users are struggling with while running AdMonks campaigns is using multiple Facebook pixels on their site.

Pixel is essential in terms of running Dynamic Product Ads - we need it to track down all your site visitors and target them on Facebook and Instagram.

There are a few pixel scenarios we observe with our users:


While onboarding at AdMonks, you're selecting an existing pixel to connect to your account. If there is none, we create one for you, so you don't have to worry you're missing out on any site visits.


But what if you already have a pixel, but it's not listed in AdMonks settings?
Most probably that means your pixel is not shared with your Facebook ad account that you're using within AdMonks.
Please make sure you're using the right ad account.
If you're sure it's the right one, you might have to share your pixel with this ad account. Learn how to do this step by step with this Facebook's tutorial.

After you do that, Facebook and the app itself might need a moment - please make sure to refresh and log into AdMonks with all the right data.


If you're using more than one pixel, we strongly advise you to stop and stick with just one.
Having more that one pixel can seriously disturb your ads' statistics!
So if you're using some other apps that created other pixels, or you created more than one pixel in the past, please delete them and leave just one. 

Then connect it to AdMonks and create your campaigns! 


There's one more tip we'd like to share.
Some of our users have no idea where to look for the previously created pixels. You can easily find them in your Preferences section of your Shopify account:

If you need to delete or change it, you can easily do it there.

If you have some other pixel related issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll do our best to help.

Happy advertising!
Kasia from AdMonks

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