If you want to keep your marketing strategies fresh, think of many ways to approach your audiences. Dynamic Product Ads are great in terms of laser targeting,  but building your brand awareness sometimes takes more than that. In times of information overload and ad fatigue you need to get creative to attract your customers' attention.

That's why we introduced Lifestyle Dynamic Ads - campaigns that target your audiences with photos straight from your Facebook feed:

How do they work?

▶ In order to launch such campaigns, you need to tag your products on your Facebook page. You can learn how to do that step-by-step in this article.  
The Lifestyle Dynamic Ads use the Facebook feed photos with tagged products, so the more you tag, the better 🙂

If you have a Facebook page with some nice content but no tagged products, no worries!  You can edit your previous posts and add the product tags to your pics.

▶ To create your first campaign, just click the button on the Dashboard:

▶ Select the LIFESTYLE DYNAMIC AD in the dropdown on your top left:

▶ It may take a moment, but after a while you will see a preview of your REVIEWS AD:

▶ You can adjust the settings of your ad just as in any other AdMonks Dynamic Products Campaign by selecting when it should begin and stop and using our exclusive features. If you need a reminder, learn all about them in this article.

▶ After you make all the necessary adjustments, just click: LAUNCH and you're ready to go!

Please feel free to ask us any questions, we'll be happy to help and get your feedback.

Happy advertising!
Kasia from AdMonks Team

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