Whether you're celebrating it or not, Valentine's Day is upon us.
All the e-commerce community is getting ready to make some great sales. To make this happen for AdMonks users, we prepared a special campaign, just in time for the V-Day!

In order to make your ads stand out on Facebook feed, we designed some love-themed frames you can upload to your product pics.
Take a look at one of them:

We prepared a few of different frames, so that you could fit the design to your brand's visual feeling:

 To use them, follow these simple steps:

 ▶ To create your first campaign, just click the button on the Dashboard:

▶  You can adjust the settings of your ad just as in any other AdMonks Dynamic Products Campaign by selecting when it should begin and stop and using our exclusive features. If you need a reminder, learn all about them in this article.

▶ In the preview of your ad you will see a camera icon on the top left of the first photo in the carousel:

▶ Click on the dropdown and then click 👉🏻 "Add" to select the frame you like:

▶ Select by clicking on the frame you like:

▶ Now see the preview on all your products:

▶ No worries, you can change your mind any time - just go back to the first product picture and click  👉🏻"Change" to select a different frame or "Remove" to delete the frame:

▶ Made your decision? Approve by clicking 👉🏻 "Launch" and enjoy your Valentine's Day Ads!

You can also get creative with the copy and add some 💕💗💓💕to your ads ;) Feel free to ask any questions, we're waiting for your feedback!

With 🖤
Kasia from AdMonks team

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