If you're serious about running an online store, you need to think about retargeting as a part of your marketing strategy.

It's an essential part of your sales funnel.
The numbers are cruel: statistically, only 2 in every 10 visitors to your website will actually make a purchase. Most of them will leave with no purchase or abandon your products in their cart.

Retargeting is the way to bring them back and complete the purchase. But in order to make the best of it, you need to know this:

  1.  The most effective retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram are Dynamic Product Ads;

  2.  They target your Site Visitors and Cart Abandoners, displaying the exact products they were viewing at your store;

  3.  To run such campaigns with profit, you need to have at least 100 daily visits. Otherwise Facebook will not deliver them properly and your Return on Ad Spend will not be as you wish.

So if you're new to e-commerce and you've just started your online store, or if you're constantly struggling to get some customers but your daily traffic is less than 100 a day, AdMonks won't work as you expect.

We'll be happy to see you back and run your retargeting ads as soon as your traffic gets back on track. 🙂

Fingers crossed for your business!
Happy advertising,

AdMonks Team

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