Ok, so you just installed AdMonks Messenger Remarketing App  - it may seem like just a small step for a man, but it's actually a giant leap for your store ;)

From now on, AdMonks will be able to send automatic Facebook Messages to all your Cart Abandoners. We'll be using your Facebook Page for that, so you need to connect it to AdMonks.

It's usually just the matter of clicking 👉🏻CONNECT during your onboarding process, approving all permissions and selecting your Facebook Page from the dropdown, but if you're experiencing any problems with it, here are some tips on what to check:

Are you the Administrator of the selected Facebook Page?

Your role in the selected Facebook Page has to be Administrator - otherwise you won't have the access required to run our Messenger campaigns.

To get the Administrator status, you need to contact the actual Administrator and request that you're added as one. If that's not an option, you can ask any Administrator of the selected page to log into AdMonks dashboard and make the connection. 

▶ Have you given all the required permissions?

When connecting your Facebook Page to AdMonks, you'll be asked by Facebook to approve permissions:

It's best to approve all requested permissions to avoid any problems in the future. No worries - we apply to all Facebook rules and regulations, we'll never post or share anything to your page or from your account; we'll only use it to add new Messenger subscribers to your list and send Facebook Messages to your Cart Abandoners.

After you accept the permissions, you'll see a list od all your Facebook Pages that AdMonks can get access to - select the right page and you're ready to go!

In case you have any questions or issues on the way - let us know!
Use the chat window below or send us an email to: help@admonks.io

AdMonks Team

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