Some users in the past reached out to us with problems considering their Facebook accounts connected to AdMonks. They either experienced their Business Manager being blocked by Facebook ( for reasons that have nothing to do with the app) or simply wanted to use another FB account to run AdMonks campaigns.

In order to disconnect your current FB account, you need to follow these steps:

⚫Log into the app, go to the top menu and tap "More".
Click "Settings":

⚫Once in you "Settings", you'll see your store's domain on the left.
Click on the 3 dots on the left:

⚫Click "Disconnect":

⚫After that, log out of the AdMonks app, log into the right Facebook account and make sure you're logged into the right Shopify account.

⚫Log back to AdMonks using the appropriate Facebook account.

If you have any issues on the way, please get back to us!
We'll be happy to help.

AdMonks Team

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