If you're using AdMonks and Yotpo app, there's a great way to boost revenue at your store. From now on you can use our integration to put your top customers' reviews in your retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram! They will be displayed instead of regular product pics, making your ads more trustworthy and appealing. 

You know what they say - User Generated Content is the new black in e-commerce, so use it to grow sales in your store.

Here's how you can create your AdMonks + Yotpo campaign:
Log in to your Yotpo Account
▶ Click "Account Settings"
▶ Click on the "Store" tab
▶  Your Yotpo API Credentials are provided in the bottom section of the Store tab:
▶ You'll find your:

  • App Key  (or Public API Key)
  • Secret Key (or Secret API Key):

▶ Now go to your AdMonks 👉🏻SETTINGS and find 🔌Reviews Integrations. 

▶ Choose your review platform from the dropdown.

▶ Then paste your CLIENT ID and SECRET KEY and click 👉🏻CONNECT

▶ From then on, you'll be able to create Reviews Dynamic Ads!
Learn how to create the campaigns here.

Remember - you can always talk to us!
Chat with us or send email to: help@admonks.io

AdMonks Team

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