Having difficulties connecting your Ad Account in AdMonks settings?
Can’t see it listed?
Answer the following questions and get through this step-by-step ✅CHECKLIST✅ to make sure your set up process goes smooth 😉

▶Do you have a Facebook Business Manager Account? 

If not, set it up now - it's absolutely necessary if you're serious about running Facebook ads; what's more, we need it to continue.

▶ Are you the Administrator of your Facebook Business Manager Account? 

Because if you’re not, AdMonks can’t continue the set up. 

▶ Not sure what your role is in your Facebook Business Manager? 

No worries, check your role and make sure you’re the Administrator of the account.

If your role is Employee, change it by making a request to the actual Administrator to become one. If you’re not able to become the Administrator, the actual one will have to finish the set up process in AdMonks.

▶ Is the Facebook Ad Account you want to use in AdMonks connected to your Facebook Business Manager account? 

To connect your Ad Account to AdMonks, you need to be sure that it was claimed by your Facebook Manager Account. To claim it, you need to:

  • Go to your Business Manager Settings and click 👉 Ad Account in your menu on the left.
  • Click 👉Add and then choose 👉 Claim an Advert Account in the dropdown;
  • You'll see a modal asking you to fill in your Ad Account ID.

▶ Not sure what your Ad Account ID is? 

  • All you need to do to get your Ad Account ID is  to copy the numbers in the URL when you're logged into your Ad Account that come after
    👉 act=XXXXXXXXXXX.
  • Copy and paste the number and that should be it!
    You should now have your Ad Account assigned to your Business Manager Account!

▶ Are your problems solved?

We hope they are!
Feel free to get back to us with any doubts, we'll be happy to help you out!

Happy advertising 🙂
AdMonks Team

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